Do I get any practice questions to help learn the material?  

The short answer is YES!  But there is a bigger issue to consider.  
There are two prevailing views out there.  

First is an attitude that all a person must do to get started in the
business is to  "
somehow go and pass the license exam" and then
they can be taught how the business really works by the person that
hired them.  Frankly, this is still the most prevalent view today in the
marketplace and it leads to a lot of turnover in the business!

A smarter idea is to realize that the material that must be learned to
become a licensed agent has been very carefully considered by
many experts in the business.  Consequently, the result is a
comprehensive list of necessary knowledge a licensed agent
should possess to properly serve their clients and protect
everyone's best interests, including their own.
The Fastest Start in Financial Services
Therefore, a more productive and long-term view is that a person desiring to be licensed should learn what they need to be successful in the
business, master that material, and then it will not matter what they are asked on a license exam, because they will know the material that

At the Financial Academy you certainly will be provided an adequate number of practice questions that aid in your understanding of the
material and will help get you ready for the test.  (Check out a few sample questions!)    But more importantly, you will learn to master the
material that will give you
the fastest start in financial services once the license exam is behind you.  Now, doesn't that make even more
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