The Fastest Start in Financial Services
The Health Insurance Course consists of three stages:
1.  OnDemand 24/7 Insurance Basics and Regulations to
prepare you for the State-Specific portion of your exam.

2.  One-day OnDemand 24/7 course covering the
Health Insurance Material

3.  Intensive and focused post-class review (normally
.....1 - 2  days) including completion of website content
.....and plenty of sample questions!
.Health Insurance Course
Exam Guidance
The compact Health Insurance course design lends
itself to a 4-7 day course completion cycle.  Most
students complete the OnDemand course, complete
their review and take the state license exam within
4-7 days of course start.
A Health Insurance license is required to sell:  
major medical,
Medicare supplement,
disability income
Medical Supplemental Insurance Policies
Long Term Care insurance.

Prestudy + 2 day course + diligent post-class review  =

First Try Pass on the license exam!
What can I do with a
Health Insurance License?
+  HMO
+  major medical
+  Medicare supplement
+  disability income
+  Medical Supplemental Insurance Policies
+  Long Term Care insurance